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Now with capability to perform AD2015-0158 on-wing at customer location.

Norronafly has full overhaul capability on the Saab 340 and Fokker 50 propellers, and Dash8-Q400 blades. With 25 years experience on type, we deliver top quality, short TAT and competitive pricing.

If you do not have your own spares, we offer you the opportunity to lease/rent a spare propeller unit, while your own is being serviced or overhauled in our facility.

We can provide delivery and pickup in Europe, at your location with our own trucks, resulting in a unique flexibility and a minimum of fuss. Propeller Calendarlife inspection of SAAB 340 and Fokker 50 can be performed at customer location.

Dowty models  R354 / R375 / R389 / R390 are available for the Saab 340 A or B. Fixed monthly pricing.

Norronafly has a number of composite blades to Fokker 50 in overhauled condition, ready for sale. Contact us today for special pricing .

We also service R306, R321, R324, R333 and R334 metal propellers.