EASA STC for Cessna P210N

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EASA STC for Cessna P210N Silver Eagle with the 5-blade QFJ MT-Propeller MTV-5

MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH has received the the EASA STC 10060053 for the next generation 5-blade Quiet Fan Jet scimitar composite propeller MTV-5-1-D-C-F-R(A)/CFR210-56 on the Cessna P210N Silver Eagle equipped with a Rolls Royce 250-B17F/2 turbine

(Modified as per LBA STC 0779/625b and FAA STC SA1003NE).

The FAA STC is in progress.

MT-Propeller President Gerd Muehlbauer says, that the installation features the following advantages:

– Reduced Ground roll & takeoff distance over 50 ft obstacle by more than 15%

– Enhanced climb performance by 4%

– Same Cruise performance  with jet like noise and vibration level

– Approx. 3,7 kg (8,1 lb) less weight than the original 3-blade metal propeller

– Complies with strict German noise regulations 2010

– Improved ramp appeal

Due to the smaller diameter the 5-blade MT-Propeller for the Cessna P210N Silver Eagle has more ground clearance for less blade tip erosion.

The MT-Propeller natural composite blades provide significant inside and outside noise reduction.

They have no life limitation, and are repairable in case of an FOD.

They also provide best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operation and have bonded on nickel alloy leading edges for superior erosion protection of the blades.

MT-Propeller is the world leading natural composite propeller manufacturer with 30 propeller models from 2-blade to 6-blade hydraulically controlled variable pitch propeller, for engines producing up to 5000hp, and 2-blade to 4-blade electrically controlled variable pitch propeller, for engines producing up to 350hp as well as two blade fixed pitch propellers.

Over 30 years ago, the first MT-Propeller was shipped.

The high performance, light weight and durable MT-Propellers can be used on aircraft with piston engines and propeller turbines, as well as on airships, wind tunnels or hovercraft.

Fulfilling the highest certifications requirements they are also supplemental type certified on Part 25 aircraft.

There is no current Airworthiness Directives (AD).

MT-Propeller is holder of over 200 STCs worldwide and OEM supplier for more than 90% of the European Aircraft Industry as well as 30% of the US Aircraft Industry. Over 18,000 propeller systems with more than 65,000 blades are in service.

130 Million fleet hours where already performed on MT-Propellers.

A factory certified network of 62 service centers, provides best service and maintenance all over the world.