Our values

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We have built our reputation over the last 50 years. Top workshop quality combined with outstanding sales support are built over many years. In order to operate in the aircraft industry, you need to build trust. We are aiming to fulfill our mission in the following areas:

– NPP is an approved maintenance organisation by EASA, FAA (US) and CAA-N (Norway).
– We have implemented policies, routines and systems to ensure our safety standards remains at the highest level possible.

Customer focused
– We aim to secure high customer satisfaction
– We strive to work closely in delivering best possible sales support
– We have built a dedicated team to ensure our promise.

– We aim to cover customer needs with flexible solutions for the individual customers.
– We are willing to “go the extra mile” in delivering our promise

Reliability and quality
– During our 50 years of service we have built a very strong track record.
– We continuously train and certify our staff according to safety and regulatory standards
– We will never compromise quality. Our quality system is our safeguard.