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Next Jet is a regional airline operating in the Nordic countries. The company has a fleet of 14 aircraft, whereas 10 Saab 340 and 4 British Aerospace ATP.
Next Jets ambition is to be a preferred airline for smaller to medium sized airfields nearby attractive locations. Smaller airplanes gives the opportunity to offer attractive direct routes to several places around the Nordic.
For Next Jet it is critical to have planes available at all times. As such, optimal maintenance is a vital task. Service flexibility and turn-around time combined with high quality are critical.

According to maintenance director at Next Jet, Max Svensson, Norrønafly Propeller & Parts, understands the importance of being a partner where quick response, service level, turn-around time and personal dedication is key for a good cooperation.
Norrønafly Propeller & Parts has now been a service partner to Next Jet for almost ten years. Next Jet is a key customer for Norrønafly Propeller & Parts according to Jan Petter Selvik, maintenance manager at Norrønafly. “We are meeting Next Jet regularly and try to find alternative ways to speed up turn-around time and reduce overall costs”.


OLSTOL company was established in 2008. The company has over the last years grown and moved into becoming a provider of aircraft equipment. OLSTOL and Norrønafly Propeller & Parts formed a partnership to win a propeller maintenance project for the Polish Air force.
Maintenance work for NATO requires specific quality criteria. The propeller delivery from Norrønafly require GQAR (NATO) approval combined with general requirements set forth in Part 145 from EASA.

According to Mr Grzegorz Flisikowski in OLSTOL, Norrønafly has delivered all important factors for a good cooperation, above expectation, covering quality, communication, understanding, timing and price.
Norrønafly’s mission is to deliver according or above expectations. Demanding customers with high quality requirements, will always challenging, according to Esben Fiane, Accountable Manager at Norrønafly. However, good partnerships develop through mutual trust and good cooperation between equal partners. Norrønafly is very proud to have the Polish Air Force as satisfied customer.