Norrønafly Propellers & NDT – Forside

Workshop personell during assembly

Partnering with Norrønafly

Our mission is to deliver above expectations. In order to achive the goal, we have to create a “win-win” situation for all involved, being customers, employees, suppliers and our business. After more than 50 years in the industry, we understand the value of long lasting relationships. Trust is created over time. We are proud to continue to serve our customers and work hard to be an attractive partner.

We admit that 2020 has been a very tough year. Despite the Covid-19, we continue to operate and deliver our services according to expectations every day. Our common hope is that 2021 will gradually develop positive for the industry. The current situation has challenged our business in many ways. We believe we will be able to enter 2021 stronger and become an even more attractive partner. Despite the difficult times, we have improved our quality and efficiency. Our staff are motivated to continue to work as a strong team based on our core values SAFETY, QUALITY, RESPONSIBILITY & COMPETENCE.

What our customers say about us

LT Tech is serving customers 24/7 year around. This require suppliers and partners with the same support. Norrønafly har worked with LT Tech for more than 10 years in supporting propeller maintenance and NDT work. Supply chain Manager Henry Nyseth, is very satisfied with the partnership the two organisations have developed over many years.

Henry Nyseth

Supply Chain manager

Amapola operates in postal freight, cargo/bulk and passenger transport throughout the Nordic. All partners of Amapola need to fully understand key requirements for success in creating a "win-win" for all parties involved. All these segments are undergoing structural changes and demand individual approaches for success. Norrønafly has worked with Amapola as a partner for many years. Thomas Carlborg, director at Amapola, supports strongly the partnership between the two organisations.

Thomas Carlborg


Norrønafly has supported Norwegian as a trusted partner since 1993. Norrøna is supporting Norwegian with NDT (non destructive testing) in a 24/7 cycles. For Norwegian it is key to keep the fleet on planned schedules. Unexpected maintenance should be avoided. Norrønafly Propeller & NDT is very proud to be a maintenance partner to Norwegian.

Technical support

Fleet Air has contracted Norrønafly Propeller & NDT to provide propeller Maintenance for our SAAB 340 fleet. The offering includes fully integrated logistical support and maintenance services. All maintentenance activities take place onsite at the Norrønafly main base in Oslo. Norrønafly is a recognised propeller service center for Dowty propellers. Mr. Kirim Akhmedow, Chief Engineer at Fleetair, states that Norrønafly delivers very good services. That include responsiveness, quality, understanding customer needs and a predictable price. Norrønaflys goal is to understand the importance to respond to unscheduled maintenance outside office hours in order to solve high priority issues to get aircrafts back in service.

Mr. Kirim Akhmedow

Chief Engineer

“Artic Maintenance operate in tough whether conditions and is very dependent on reliable and quality aircrafts and propellers. Norrønafly has supported Arctic for several years and has always delivered according to expectations. Sigurdur Johannesson, manager Purchasing & Material Control at Artic, is very proud to have Norrønafly as a service partner. He states: "Arctic can always rely on good advice, communication and a quick response to our needs. At Norrönafly you always feel welcome, you feel that your Propeller is in very good hands, and that all your requirements are fulfilled. Norrönafly is very good in Problem solving oriented personnel and practically nonstop communication in the aim to find best possible solutions for all the items including the logistics, and easy to follow. Thank you!”

Sigurdur Johannesson

Manager Purchasing & Material Control

“Sprint Air is a Polish regional airline operating a fleet of 18 aircraft including ATR 72 and SAAB 340. Sprint Air is very dependent on short TAT and a high service level in order to keep the aircraft in the “air”. Mr. Wojciech Niderla at Sprint Air states that Norrønafly is a key partner in maintaining the propellers, both on site and in workshop” Norrønaflyis very proud to have Sprint Air as a customer. Our supply chain function in co-operation with the customer is a core unit for succeeding. Customers expect reduced TAT and reduced cost

Mr. Wojciech Niderla

Power Plant Engineer

MHS-Aviation and Norrønafly Propeller & NDT have worked closely together for many years. MHS are highly dependent on being able to deliver the right service at the right time, with the right service level each time. As such MHS is very dependent on working with a set of professional partners in order to fulfill the companys mission in being “dynamic, dedicated & determined”. Customers of MHS demand the highest possible flexibility and dedicated service. In order to succeed, all staff at MHS need to deliver the same dedication. According to MHS, every member of the company staff is personally committed to the company mission statement and customers’ requirements. All partners will need to deliver the same level of dedication. MHS state the following: “Norrønafly is an important partner to MHS and we expect “personal commitment” each time. We can always trust a commitment from Norrønafly. We look forward to continue our close working relationship in the years to come and benefit greatly to a “win-win” situation for both organizations”.