Norrønafly Propellers & NDT – Hartzell

Workshop personell during assembly



Norrønafly is one of the few European workshops authorized (OEM approved) by Hartzell to perform propeller maintenance. As an authorized workshop, we are part of the Hartzell family. This is a core part of the Hartzell philosophy in building quality partnerships.

In order to maintain the Hartzell sertificate, we are periodically audited and reviewed. Even if this demands extra resources, we are happy to have a 3. Party review. It keeps us “awake” and in line with our own standards.

Norrønafly has worked with Hartzell for nearly 50 years. We participate regularly in technical workshops in order to be updated on new service bulletins, manuals and processes.

We have an extensive stock for most Hartzell propellers. Our logistic departement can spare-parts, most on “overnight” deliveries.

Among many of our customers we can mention LuftTransport, Flyambulansetjenesten, Patria and Norwegian Defence.


Please contact one of our contacts for a quote or an advice. Matts Olsson or Jan Petter Selvik