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About us

Norrønafly Propeller & NDT is a leading European maintenance center for propellers, NDT, composite, spareparts and related services. Our goal is to give good advice for optimal and most effective maintenance. Many years of experience combined with continuous training of the employees, enables the company to provide the highest level of quality, which is appreciated by an ever-increasing clientele.

Norrønafly has many years of experience in advising partners for optimal service levels combined with proactive maintenance in order to reduce overall costs. As such we carry out minor repairs on-site, we re-classify (RC) spare parts, we offer standard exchange, rental etc. All this to reduce turn-around-time (TAT),  deliver as cost effective as possible and in line with customer needs.

In addition to our standard services (i.e. repair, calendar, overhaul, standard exchange, outright sale etc.) we have built a very effective inventory and logistic department. We cooperate closely with partners for cargo solution, packaging, freight etc. All these parameters are important for reducing TAT (turn-around-time) and costs.  

Today the company is a leading European service center within the aviation industry. We employ 18-20 employees in our modern workshop close to Oslo.  Our market position is strong, and the company has a reputation for outstanding sales service and excellent workshop quality. Our main market is North Europe, but the company supplies parts, repair & overhaul services worldwide.

Norrønafly has become a maintenance service center with a strong market position, especially for regional airlines, both passenger and cargo. We have reached the position through a reputation of outstanding sales service and excellent workshop quality.

Our high service level is based on close cooperation between our suppliers, our employees and our customers. As a result, we are able to continuously develop our services. Our values are based on close relationships and trust between all parties involved. In making this cooperation happen, we can contribute in giving all parties advantages and benefits.

We are partners, licenced distributors and workshop for leading OEM manufacturers across the world, including Dowty, Hartzell, Hamilton, McCauley, MT-Propeller and Sensenich.


Our senior staff

Jan Petter Selvik, Maintenance Manager at Norrønafly Propeller and NDT

Jan Petter Selvik

Technical Sales Manager

+47 975 58 963

Matts Olsson, Technical Sales Support at Norrønafly Propeller and NDT

Matts Olsson

Technical Sales Support

+46 702 599 906

Christer Berglund

Maintenance Manager

+47 412 53385

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