Norrønafly Propellers & NDT – Dowty

workshop personell working on Dowty propeller

Dowty Propellers

Norrønafly and Dowty have worked closely together for decades, particular for larger aircrafts in the regional market segment. Our unique partnership covers particular the technical area, and together we share experiences and competence to make sure we can give the best service.

The company provides solutions for propulsion systems including software, electronics, blades, hub etc.

Propeller maintenance are always linked to quality, safety and costs. As maintenance cost for regional airlines are a huge issue, MROs and OEMs will continuously optimize resources.

New technology combined with updated competence are key elements in product innovation and continuous improvement.

The two of us share the same values and philosophy for delivering a long lasting value which include focus on safety and quality.

Norrønafly use the worldwide spare-part market in order to optimize costs and speed for customers. As such we have extensive experience and competence in recondition (re sertification) of spare parts.

Well known customers in the regional market are: Amapola, AirEst, SkyTaxi, CAE, Sprint Air etc. In addition we are service partner to Saab and its worldwide operations.

We have an extensive stock of Dowty spare-parts. Our logistic departement can deliver both new parts and recondition parts in “overnight” deliveries.


Please contact one of our contacts for a quote or an advice. Matts Olsson or Jan Petter Selvik