Get flexible propeller support for your Dash and ATR 42/72 aircraft

Are you in need of maintenance for your Hamilton 14SF propeller? We are constantly developing our products and services, and can now offer more tailored propeller maintenance for Hamilton 14SF.

The Hamilton Standard 14SF Propeller-series are often installed at aircraft like Dash 8-100, -200, and -300, as well as ATR-42 and -72. This propeller type requires initial and repetitive inspections of critical control components and removal and replacement with serviceable parts.

Norrønafly and 14SF Propellers

Norrønafly Propeller & NDT (NF) is certified to carry out maintenance for Hamilton Standard propellers, which are one of Norrønafly’s partners. As a specialized propeller workshop, we know the importance of high service levels, short turnaround time (TAT), and competitive prices. We have gained customers’ trust all around the world and know the importance of optimized maintenance, effective transport, and good logistic solutions.

Our vision is to become the preferred partner to customers who possesses aircrafts that have installed 14SF propellers. We want to create a “win-win” situation, with a customer focus and ability to deliver high quality through the whole value chain.

Our service for Hamilton 14SF propellers include:

  • Very short TAT for the repair of de-icer boot, leading-edge etc.
  • Normal overhaul with committed and generally fast TAT.

By contacting us through the mail, we will give you quick feedback on what we can do for you. In support of fast TAT, we have also worked with Hamilton for a long time to secure fast deliveries.

Our experts are continuously being trained. We also carry out periodic “lessons learned” workshops. This enables the transfer of learning and new training. Our goal is to succeed with our concept: “right the first time”.

SprintAir about our services

SprintAir is a polish regional airline operating a fleet of 18 aircraft. SprintAir is very dependent on short TAT and a high service level in order to keep the aircraft in the “air”.

Mr. Wojciech Niderla at SprintAir states that “Norrønafly is a key partner in maintaining the propellers, both on-site and in the workshop.”

Norrønafly is very proud to have SprintAir as one of our customers. We use our very competent transport and logistic function as a core unit for succeeding and delivering according to expectations.

Check if your 14SF propeller need maintenance

Uncertain whether your propeller needs maintenance or to be repaired? Check if any of the following points apply to your propeller:

    • The de-icer film is loose, is beginning to erode, or has pinholes in it.
    • You can observe corrosion, wear or damage in the radius area of the blade shank
    • You see corrosion on the shank, near or migrating below the fiberglass of the blade
    • You notice corrosion or damage at the blade tip near the lightning tab
    • You see corrosion at the retaining ring and blade shank.
    • Flown over 500 hours intervals (for every 500-hour interval, the turbine oil in the hub should be replaced).

Please contact Norrønafly for a discussion on how we might help you to optimize your propeller maintenance or for an inspection of your Hamilton 14 SF.