Maintenance for MT Propeller

Norrønafly Propeller & NDT has worked closely together with MT Propellers since the beginning and is proud to be a “Certified MT-Propeller Service Station” (authorized partner).

Aircraft owners are focused on safety, efficiency, and investment costs. These are key elements in making a decision for propeller type. By offering several new STC kits for replacements of propeller types, MT has offered aircraft owners an alternative.

Norrønafly is fully equipped for maintenance of all MT Propellers. We can offer a very attractive turn-around-time (TAT), varying from 20 days for the smaller ones and up to approximately 25 days for the turboprops. In other words, you don’t have to wait a long time when you need to get your MT-propeller fixed. We have over the years developed very good logistic and transport solutions, especially for northern Europe. This helps us in reducing the overall TAT.

Norrønafly also offers an STC kit for replacement.

In need to get your MT-propeller fixed?

Please contact our experts for a discussion on how we can help. We would very much like to support your needs and/or forward a quote.

Feel free to contact:

Maintenance manager Jan Petter Selvik (

or our Technical Sales manager Matts Olsson (