Participation at Aviation Week – MRO BEER in Vilnius, May 21-22, 2019

MRO Baltics, Eastern Europe & Russia (BEER) was this year organized in Vilnius, and we had the pleasure to be able to attend at the event – both as participants and exhibitors with a show stand for our services.

We met many key MRO workshops as well as airliners. The presented seminar topics, discussions and meetings with representatives, gave us valuable insight for better understanding of maintenance needs in the industry over the next few years.

Latest news announced at the Aviation Week

The airline industry is undergoing quite an optimistic period with an annual growth rate in numbers of aircraft of 4-5% per year according to forecast from ICF. The estimates show that number of jet aircraft will grow from todays approximately 25 000 to over 30 000 in 2019. Together with a huge renewal of old aircraft, this is expected to require huge increase of maintenance.

The turbo propeller market is relatively stable and seems to maintain their share of the total volume. It look like turbo propeller aircraft will represent an interesting “next generation” aircraft with less emissions and fuel consumptions. It will also show the way into new electric aircraft to be build over the next decade. However, for the next decade, traditional aircraft will continue to dominate the market.

Norrønafly is developing with the industry

Changing times will require changes in operations, and so will the need and nature for maintenance. Norrønaflys vision is to build a leading aviation service center enable to support customers in a 24/7 environment. As such we got valuable input from the seminar for what drives new demand. The next question is how should we develop new attractive services that are preferred.

We will stay in touch with our customer and continuously improve our quality and efficiency. Total price, flexibility and extended service are key parameters for gain competitive advantage. We believe these factors will enable us to form an attractive partner strategy for the future.