Norrønafly Propellers & NDT – Sensenich

Man sorting spare parts

Sensenich Propellers

Sensenich supports a long range of medium- to small aircrafts with a long range of propeller models. Norrøna has capability to maintain most of the propeller models from Sensenich.

Sensenich Propeller was established in 1932 to manufacture fixed pitch wood aircraft propellers. In 1949 the company began to manufacture wood propellers for the burgeoning airboat market. Aluminum propellers for aircraft was added to the product line in the 1950’s.

During the 1960’s the use of UAV’s became prevalent and Sensenich was right there with propellers for the new industry. In 1999 Sensenich began to manufacture a line of ground adjustable composite propellers for Airboat, Aircraft and UAV’s.

Today adjustable composite propellers for aircraft, airboats and UAVs is their main products.


Please contact one of our contacts for a quote or an advice. Matts Olsson or Jan Petter Selvik