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Norrønafly Propeller & Part is a leading european maintenance center for propellers, NDT, composit, spare-parts and related services. Our goal is to give good advices for optimal and most effective maintenance. Based on many years of experience, we know which factors that may increase maintenance and which factors that may reduce maintenance costs over time.

Please contact our experts for advice and quotes. 

In addition to our standard services (i.e. repair, calendar, overhaul, standard exchange, outrigth sale etc.) we have build a very effective inventory and logistic department. We cooperate closely with partners for cargo solution, packaging, freight etc. All these parameters are important for reducing TAT (turn-around-time) and costs. 

Norrønafly hold both an EASA and an FAA repair station license. Our quality standards, effective logistic and freigth system serve customers from all over the world. Our mission is to secure work according to the optimum level of safety and quality levels.

Our services include base maintenance and line maintenance, all according to customer needs and situations. We offer fast and speedy transport of propellers. Combined with exchange propellers, we can deliver very attractive turn-around-times (TAT).

Our service also include 24/7 services around the world.

Norrønafly represent the leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the aviation industry. In working closely with our OEM partners, use our spare-part network, re-classify parts, we are able to offer attractive solutions.

We are partners and licenced distributors and workshop for leading OEM manufacturers across the world, including Dowty, Hartzell, Hamilton, McCauley, MT-Propeller and Sensenich.

We often experience corrosion on hub or blades. Without proper capability and NDT equipment, it is often classified as scrap. A new replacement will often be very expensive and lead to a delayed lead-time or turn-around-time (TAT). The fact is that corrosion is one of the leading causes for scrapping costly propeller components. Corrosion can be prevented with best practices maintenance through their second, third and fourth overhaul cycles. There are important preventive steps to be used in order for operators to extend optimal lifespan.


Jan Petter Selvik

Maintenance Manager

+47 975 58 963

Matts Olsson

Technical Sales Support

+46 702 599 906

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