Norrønafly Propellers & NDT – Newsletter September 2020

Newsletter September 2020

Norrønafly propeller & NDT trusted partner to North European governmental organization

  • In 2020 Norrønafly Propeller & NDT (NF) has delivered propeller maintenance for several blades and propellers for Hamilton 14SF
  • We are proud to have been able to scale up capacity and competence
  • Through our specialized production line, we can offer attractive competitive prices, fast turn-around times (TAT) and flexible transport/logistic solutions
  • The Hamilton 14SF is an advanced propeller, requiring special tools, equipment and training
  • We have the capability, competence and dedication to support your need for 14SF maintenance


Among several customers, we were granted trust to deliver major propeller overhaul for 14SF to an north European governmental organization. These organization have important missions and requirements for being a partner is tough. However, we are proud to be a selected partner and have been able to support their critical activities.



Assembling of 14SF


The Hamilton 14SF contracts this year have given us considerable experience in major overhaul and extensive blade repairs. We are proud to now be able to offer various attractive services for workshops and operators.


Our target for the Hamilton 14SF is to:


Deliver flexible, efficient and cost effective maintenance support

We have been in the propeller maintenance industry for over 40 years. Slogans for promises is one thing. Trust and promises are build through deliverables and relationships over many years. As a trusted partner to many customers, we believe we have gained such a trust.

Our Hamilton 14SF experts have worked with Hamilton for many years. It takes a long time to build competence and capacity for delivering high quality and according to expectations.

Norrønafly is an approved aircraft workshop by EASA and CAA (NO). All our mechanics and support staff are trained according to requirements, and we have a close cooperation with Hamilton Sundstrand.

Advanced turboprops as 14 SF in composite represents “state-of-the-art” technology. Blades can be replaced individually. This enables very flexible solutions for maintaining aircraft in the air at all time and reduce the turn-around-time (TAT) and increase maintenance efficiency.

Please feel free to contact our maintenance manager Jan Petter Selvik ( or our technical sales manager Matts Olsson ( to discuss maintenance programmes for Hamilton 14 SF.


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